Immo Klink Studio

Immo Klink creates images across the genres of art, editorial, fashion photography and film. Taking documentary approaches into fashion as well as introducing commercial aesthetics into documentary, art and campaigning is a constant in his visual language. With a variety of styles he inquires into political and social matters of our time always keeping the possibilities of intervention or instigating change in mind. He has worked as an aide in German politics and engages as a political activist in the UK. After graduating with a Master of the Laws he briefly joined Wolfgang Tillmans’ studio in London.
Immo has photographed and directed political campaigns with Benetton Unhate Foundation, Shelter, Amnesty International, Extincion Rebellion and Brandalism/Barnbrook. Among his commercial commissions are campaigns for Levi’s, Lee, Google and MC Saatchi.
Magazines contributions include Adbuster, Another Magazine, Camera Austria, Dazed&Confused, Exit, I-D, Jalouse, Independent Magazine&Review, Liberation, L’Officiel, New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, photoworks, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and Zeit Magazin.
Immo’s work is held in various public collections and has been exhibited in FOAM (Amsterdam), Museum of Contemporary Art Castilla y Leon (MUSAC), National Portrait Gallery (London), Sala Rekalde (Bilbao), Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (Sunderland), Museo del Xopo (Mexico City), The People’s Museum (Manchester) and Victoria&Albert Museum and others.


Group Exhibitions

Protest/Architektur, Barrikaden, Camps, Sekundenkleber, Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt
Curator: Oliver Elser
Sweet Harmony, Saatchi Gallery, London
with Jeremy Deller, Tom Hunter, Vinca Petersen, Ewen Spencer, Adrian Fisk, Conrad Shawcross

Capital Architecture, Bethanien Haus, Berlin
Spectres Of Modernism, Raven Row, London
with Jeremy Deller, Fiona Banner, Rut Blees Luxemburg, , Eva Srenram, Ian Sinclair, Tom McCarthy
SHOW ME THE MONEY, THE IMAGE OF FINANCE, 1700 TO THE PRESENT, People’s History Museum, Manchester; Curator: Alistair Robinson
Disobedient Objects, Victoria&Albert Museum, London;   Curators: Gavin Grindon and Catherine Flood
Don’t Stop Now, Fashion Photography Next,  FOAM, Amsterdam; curator: Magda Keaney
SHOW ME THE MONEY, THE IMAGE OF FINANCE, 1700 TO THE PRESENT, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, John Hansard Gallery & Chawton House; Curator: Alistair Robinson
with: Mark Boulos, Goldin+Senneby, Cornford & Cross, Simon Roberts, William Hogarth
ExtraOrdinary, Nooderlicht Gallery, Netherlands;  Curator: Wim Melis
The World in London, Photographers Gallery, London;  Curator: Stefanie Braun
Closed Shop, Gallery Kaune Sudendorf, Cologne,
with: Jaqueline Hassink
La Fuerza de la Palabra, Guadalajara (Mexico) , curators: Agustín Pérez Rubio and María Inés Rodríguez (MUSAC)
Globalized. Perspectives on Consumer Society, Huesca
with Muntean/Rosenblum, Martin Sastre, Danielle Buetti; Curators: Antomio Latorre, Tania Pardo
From Here, Brighton Photo Fringe, UK
with Jenny Norquist, Jason Larkin, Richard Rowland, ; Curators: John Gill, Yasmina Reggad
Feel the Force, Cafe Gallery Projects, London
with Susan MacWilliam, James Pogson, Maja Bajevic; Curators: Clare Goodwin, Liz Murray
bildschön. Schönheitskult in der aktuellen Kunst, Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe, Germany
with Rosemarie Trockel, Marlene Dumas, Cindy Sherman, Valie Export
Room to Let, Städtische Galerie Osfildern, Germany
with Julien Diehn, Christian Friedrich, Patrycja German, Martin Maurer, Robert Vater
Fragile Democracy, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
with: August Sander, Cyprien Gaillard, George Osodi, Lolo Veleko; Curator: Alistair Robinson
Benicassim the Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art Castilla y Leon (MUSAC),
with Cristina García Rodero, Immo Klink, Álvaro Villarrubia, Massimo Vitali; Curator Rafael Doctor Roncero
Urban Climbing, AA poject, Tokyo
with Lynn Lu, Wladyslaw Kazmiercak&Ewa Rybska, Steve Hines; Curator: Yoshinori Niwa
Destroy Athens, Technopolis, Athens Biennial
with Bernard Willhelm, Marc Bijl, Olaf Breuning, HobbypopMuseum;
Curators: Xenia Kalpaktsoglu, Poka Yio, Augustine Zenakos
In the Making, National Portrait Gallery, London
with: Solve Sundsbro, Jason Evans, Elaine Constantine, Alexi Lubomirski; Curator: Magda Keaney
North & South, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
with: The Space Hijackers, Agents of Change, Matthew Butcher, Nicola Koller;
Curator: Alistair Robinson (exh. cat.)
For All Audiences, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao
With: Daniele Buetti, Tracey Emin. Chús García Fraile, Miguel Ángel Gaüeca, Chris Korda. Elke Krystufek, Mateo Maté, Carmen Navarrete; Curator: Xabier Arakistain (exh. cat.)
photo-london, Special Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
with: Nick Knight, Sam Taylor-Wood, Tim Walker, Mary McCartney Donald, Johnny Shand Kydd, Hedi Slimane, Wolfgang Tillmans, Stephen Gill, Norman Parkinson; Curator: Christopher Bailey
USUK2, Three Colts Gallery, London
with Emma Hedditch, Lee Holden, Bernd Behr, Gordon Cheung; Curators: Ryan Lemeke and Ann-Sophie Dinant
Mayday, Museo del Chopo, Mexico D.F.
with Jonathan de Villiers, Susan Dobson, Michel Mallard, Curator: Michel Mallard
Emergencies, Museum of Contemporary Art Castilla y Leon (MUSAC)
with Allan Sekula, Andreas Gursky, Boris Mikhailkov, Thomas Hirschhorn, Tracey Moffatt;
Curators: Raphael Doctor Roncero and Agustin Perez Rubio (exh. cat.)
ExitBabylon, Rachmaninoff’s, London
with Nicola Durvasula; Curators: Matthew Arnatt and Maggie Smith
Mayday at Mayfair, Festival International des Arts de la Mode, Hyères
Solo Exhibition; Curator: Michel Mallard (exh. cat.)
Protest, East Wing Collection II, Schroders Ventures Investment Trust, London with Liam Gillick
Global Approach, Encuentro Iberoamericano de Fotografía, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
with Oscar Muñoz, Alexander Apóstol, Mujeres Creando; Curator: Rafael Doctor Roncero (exh. cat.)
Strobe, Dragon Bar, London
with Pav Modelski, Trix; Curator: Ann-Sophie Dinant
Looking With/Out, Courtauld Institute of Art, East Wing Collection, London
with Jeff Wall, Peter Fischli, Sylvie Fleury, Gianni Motti, Dan Graham, Gavin Turk, Richard Long; (exh. cat.)
Solo Exhibitions
Working Mens Clubs, Kunstakademie Trier, Germay; Curators: Harald & Robert Thum
Immo Klink Retrospective, Fabrica, Treviso, Italy; Curator: Michel Mallard



European Communities, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Spain;Curator: Xabier Arakistain



Security Operations, Museum of Modern Art and Illustration Valencia (MUVIM), Spain;

Curators: Pep Benlloch & Mira Bernabeu

Prêt-à- Porter – Infrastructure Spectaculaire, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne;Curator: Magda Keaney



Mayday at Mayfair, Festival International des Arts de la Mode, HyèresCurator: Michel Mallard (exh. cat.)


Public Collections
National Portrait Gallery, London
Museum of Contemporary Art Castilla y Leon, Spain